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Future Leaders

The Cabinet Office Emerging Leaders

The Cabinet Office Emerging Leaders

"The work of the Cabinet Office is hugely vast and varied; we set the pace and standard for government so our work has to be of the highest quality. We work in a very fast-paced environment as we respond to political priorities, breaking news events and national and international emergencies. In addition, we have strategic reforms in place for the longer term to continuously strive to be a more efficient and effective public service.

In partnership with Henley Business School's Senior Leader Apprenticeship, the Cabinet Office Emerging Leaders programme aims to equip our leaders of the future. Leadership has never been more important, and this programme uses reflective learning techniques; learners will build an in-depth understanding of subjects like strategic management, managing change and innovation, relationship building, and corporate responsibility. The programme explores leading in a digital era and leading transformation.

This is an excellent apprenticeship programme for our junior and middle managers that we are proud to support."

- Cabinet Office Apprenticeship Team

Emerging Leaders (Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders) - Level 7

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The emerging leaders programme is built on the Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders programme, which is a unique opportunity for people in their early careers to develop. Apprentices will build on their existing academic and professional skills. This will prepare them to become senior business leaders who can manage their responsibilities effectively. The work-based teaching and support will expand learners' capabilities to fast-track their careers, even if they are just beginning.

Apprentices will build an in-depth understanding of strategic management, relationship building, corporate responsibility and change. Our combined approach of theory and on-the-job practice supports learners in becoming knowledgeable and competent in real-world business scenarios.

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Key dates

Expression of interest

The expression of interest deadline has now passed

Start date

18 October 2023

Progression onto the MSc

Upon successful completion of the programme, learners can progress onto Stage 3 of the MSc Management for Future Leaders. This qualification requires further study and additional fees.


What is Level 7 apprenticeship programme?

Level 7 apprenticeship programmes are classifications within the UK apprenticeship framework. They represent different levels of qualifications and skills development that apprentices can achieve while gaining practical work experience.

A Level 7 apprenticeship programme is an advanced-level apprenticeship that is equivalent to a master's degree or a professional qualification at a similar level.

What if I don’t have Level 2 qualifications in English and Maths/can't find my certificates?

Learners must have Level 2 qualifications in English and maths (i.e GCSEs at Grades 9-4 or A*-C, or equivalent) before starting their Henley apprenticeship.

The government has provided a useful link for those who may have mislaid their exam certificates. If you need to obtain these qualifications before starting the programme, the Apprenticeship Engagement Team ( can help you via a short programme before you start. If you obtained your qualifications overseas, please send your certificates to the Apprenticeship Engagement Team so they can be checked against the National database.

Find out more about English and maths requirements.

How often will I be expected to attend face-to-face workshops at Henley?

All programmes require learners to attend workshops for each module.

For Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Emerging Leaders, in total there are 12 days plus blended learning component across the whole 18 months programme. *

*Programme schedules detailing specific dates will be shared prior to the programmes starting.

What is off-the-job learning?

Download our essential guide to find out more about what off-the-job learning is, how much is required, and how Henley apprenticeship tutors can work with you and your line manager.

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