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Theorizing the Meaning(s) of Expatriate: Establishing Boundary Conditions

This paper examines the concept of expatriates, arguing that sloppy use of the term in the past has led to problems of inconsistent research, incompatible findings and a lack of clarity in the field. The increasing interest over the last dozen years or so in other forms of international
experience, often equally poorly conceptualised, has compounded the problem. We argue for the need for greater construct clarity in studies of expatriates and, by extension, of other forms of international experience. Specifically we attempt to clarify to whom does the term ‘expatriate’, and specifically ‘business expatriate’, apply and the boundary conditions under which expatriate employment is enacted.
expatriates, expatriate definition, boundary conditions for expatriation, business expatriates, migrants, sojourners

Published on 15th November 2016
Authors Professor Chris Brewster
Series Reference JHD-2016-05