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China - Global Innovation Superpower

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Event information
Date 15 July 2020
Time 15:00-16:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)

The event is led by Andrew Gaule, 高安卓, CEO of Aimava, a global advisory firm which supports leading corporates, business ventures and investors. Andrew will be outlining the focus of the talk, which is on China's strategic innovation, industrial drive, corporate innovation and the capability that is being build in their resources and people. He will then give his contextual perspective, backed up by examples and statistics.

Following Andrew's introduction, Yipeng's talk will explore how China's rise is now being seen as a threat and is being challenged. By covering corporate venturing in China, entrepreneurship ecosystems and the implications for high-tech entrepreneurs and innovation, Yipeng will examine the opportunities and challenges faced by high-tech entrepreneurs when they collaborate with a wide range of partners, including multinational enterprises, universities, and governments. Yipeng's talk will conclude with some outlook and key implications for innovation and entrepreneurship in China and beyond and questions from the audience members. The audience will also get an opportunity to share perspectives and questions with peers on the call to share learning and build mutual understanding.

This event is aimed at executives working in corporates, CVC units, corporate innovation roles, investors, ventures etc and will be held online on 16 July 2020, 4:00pm. To express your interest in registering for the event, please click here.