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Coaching Webinar - Create Space to Reach Your Potential

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Event information
Date 6 October 2020
Time 18:30-19:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Online
Event types:
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Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands of modern life or who works with people who do. Anyone who wants to create space to ‘think, connect, do and be’ on a richer, deeper level, or works with people who need to.

Derek works as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach. He is the chief executive of CDP Leadership Consultants and the author of the bestselling business book, Create Space. Prior to founding CDP he worked at YSC, where he was head of business development for the UK and Europe.

He consults globally, assessing and developing senior executives, facilitating team effectiveness sessions, presenting leadership development masterclasses and advising on organisational leadership strategy, values and culture.

He has worked for over 20 FTSE100 companies and some of the world’s largest foreign-held and privately owned businesses.

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