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Digital Business: the Entertainment Industry

Registration: free

Location: LG01 IRC Seminar Room, HBS, Whiteknights

Lunch: 12:30pm

Seminar: 1-2pm.


Improving productivity in the entertainment industry is very challenging, particularly the challenge of making content that consumers will want. The issues of consumer-centric design focus on how can businesses design customized services and products which accurately reflect consumer preferences? We use data science natural language processing methodology to explore whether and to what extent emotions shape consumer preferences for media and entertainment content. Using 6,174 movie scripts, we generate the emotional trajectory of each motion picture. We then combine the obtained mappings into clusters which represent groupings of consumer emotional journeys. These clusters are used to predict overall success parameters of the movies including box office revenues, viewer satisfaction levels (captured by IMDb ratings), awards, as well as the number of viewers’ and critics’ reviews. We find that like books all movie stories are dominated by 6 basic shapes.


Glenn Parry is Professor of Strategy and Operations Management at Bristol Business School, UWE. His interest is business models and value. He is working on digital business models as PI at UWE for the EPSRC “Dynamic, Real time, On-demand Personalisation” project examining digital personalisation [EP/R033374/1], CoI £1.1M EPSRC “Optimising Me Manufacturing System” project developing an on body device for leukemia immunotherapy treatment [EP/R022534/1], and CoI £2.2M EPSRC “Transdisciplinary design engineering” project [EP/P019633/1]. He is ‘Blockchain for Good’ section editor for the journal Frontiers in Blockchain. He publishes in international journals and edited the books, “Build to Order: The Road to the 5-day Car”, “Complex Engineering Service Systems” and "Service Design and Delivery”.

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Event information
Date 4th June 2019
Time 11:30am - 1:00pm
Venue Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus
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