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Online Masterclass - Putting Positive Psychology to Work

30 April Kevin Money
Event information
Date 30 April 2024
Time 14:30-16:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership *Up to 3 Places*
Venue Online
Event types:
Greenlands masterclass

How do I book?

This event is exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.

To book please contact your HR or Learning and Development team at your organisation.

Unsure who to contact? Please do not hesitate to contact us at


Research from the positive psychology movement shows that focussing on your strengths can bring much bigger gains in performance for you and your team than overcoming weaknesses alone. In addition to this, being able to define your personal purpose at work is linked to higher levels of personal well-being and greater team engagement.

In this online workshop we will help you to identify, label and leverage your strengths more at work. We will also help you to consider your personal purpose and leadership approach in a way that helps you build team cohesion and performance.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the event you will have:

  • Been brought up to date on the current state of play in the positive psychology movement.
  • Explored the latest insights about the drivers of long-term happiness and well-being- and considered on how these can be applied to your work and personal life.
  • Been presented with organisational models to build long-term satisfaction and performance and considered how these can be applied to your team and organisation.
  • More clearly identified your strengths and weaknesses - in a way that you can better ‘own’ and communicate these to others.
  • Reflect on your personal purpose and leadership style in a way builds commitment and performance.

Who is this for

  • Directors and senior managers who wish to gain insights about their own strengths, articulate their purpose more clearly and build high-performing teams around their own personal leadership style.
  • Those who are trying to help people across their organisation to increase wellbeing.
  • Individuals who simply have an interest in wellbeing, flourishing, and happiness.

Professor Kevin Money

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Professor Kevin Money is a chartered psychologist and Director of Henley’s John Madejski Centre for Reputation. Kevin teaches on the MBA programme and Henley’s flagship Advanced Management programme in the areas of reputation, responsibility, teams and leadership.

Kevin is also Director of the Positive Psychology Forum – an organisation that applies advances in psychology to help individuals and organisations improve their performance through a process of reflection on success and failure. Interventions include high-performance coaching, organisational and personal 360-degree feedback, and behavioural mapping.

*Up to 3 places per member organisation. 'Up to' indicates the maximum number per member organisation. All places are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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The Henley Partnership

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Telephone: 01491 418 855

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