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Guest Lecture Series: Algocyte and responsible AI in health care and medicine

Presenter: Dr. Hector Zenil, Founder & Director, Oxford Immune Algorithmics

Venue: LG01, Henley Business School, University of Reading Whiteknights (Please note that the venue has been changed from Harborne, Lecture-Theatre to the new venue)

  • Lecture Title: Algocyte and responsible AI in health care and medicine
  • Bio: Dr. Hector Zenil holds a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science (Lille) and a PhD in Logic and Epistemology (Paris). He has been a senior researcher and faculty member at the Department of Compute science of the University of Oxford, and Assistant Professor and Lab leader at the Information Dynamics Lab at the Unit of Computational Medicine at Karolinska Institute in Sweden among several other affiliations. He is currently the Director of Oxford Immune Algorithmics, an Oxford University spin-out whose mission is to end all preventable diseases by combining the power of mind and machine.
  • Abstract: AI in medicine and healthcare is getting great traction and attention but sometimes because of bold, and often unjustified, claims magnified by media coverage. In this talk, I will cover some of the very important challenges and limitations of AI in medicine and healthcare and how to take a responsible approach using approaches from neurosymbolic computation as opposed to simply statistical machine learning. I will introduce Algocyte and the work that we have done and continue doing at Oxford Immune Algorithmics to make the introduction of AI in medicine and healthcare more responsible.

This is a guest lecture for MSc Informatics students and others if of interest.

Event information
Date 13th March 2020
Time 11:00am - 12:00pm