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HARP Seminar: Towards A Theory of (Integrated Reporting) Disclosure

Date: 6 February

Time: 12-1pm

Room: HBS 101

Presenter: Prof Kevin McMeeking


Integrated reporting incorporates human capital, manufacturing capital, intellectual capital, social & relationship capital, natural capital and financial capital into an organization’s value creation process. Integrated reporting is a radical innovation from existing reporting practices by requiring integrated thinking and broadening the outlook beyond financial capital. The objective of this paper is to use survey and interview data to explain how and why integrated reporting disclosure decisions are made. We outline the potential conflict of interest inherent in the duality of the managerial role, which sets societal and economic cost (benefit) in opposition. On the one hand, the modern manager is motivated by a social contract that morally obliges her (him) to act, speak, and undertake deeds in the best interests of society. On the other hand, there is an economic imperative to act in the best interests of investors. We propose that disclosure outcomes are likely to vary according to a manager’s perceptions of what is perceived to be the ‘right’ thing to do balanced against the organizational objectives of wealth maximization. However, whilst the former is important, it is relegated to a second-order. Our study contributes to the emergence of a much-needed theory of disclosure, and raises important challenges and opportunities for researchers in the field.


Professor McMeeking is an Associate Professor of Accounting, and has been at the University of Exeter since 1998. His research interests are interdisciplinary although the main interest is the use of financial reporting and financial analysis to secure effective corporate governance. His teaching specialisms lie in financial accounting - at the undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels. Prior to his appointment at Exeter, he was a tutor and completed a PhD at Lancaster University.

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Event information
Date 6th February 2019
Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus
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