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Henley Forum 20th Annual Conference: Collaboration for Innovation

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Event information
Date 5 - 6 February 2020
Time 9:15-17:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus
Event types:
Engaging Business events

The Henley Forum 20th Annual Conference

Collaboration for Innovation: Celebrating leading-edge practice

Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th February 2020

Collaboration for Innovation: Celebrating leading-edge practice

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you‘ve always got” – Anon.

As the quote suggests, doing the same things, talking to the same sorts of people inevitably leaves you going round in circles with the same kind of problems. Pushing the leading-edge and developing a culture for innovation means bringing different people with different views and perspectives together to co-create new insights. Or, to put it another way: enabling collaboration for innovation.


And that’s exactly what The Henley Forum has been doing in our vibrant community for 20 years. We’ve been bringing thoughtful practitioners, practically-minded academics and imaginative thought leaders together. We’ve been actively working to connect people involved in knowledge, learning and change work across functions and sectors. We’ve been collaborating with our Organisational Partners to develop new knowledge and practical wisdom that gives them the edge in addressing some of their most challenging problems.

Our ultimate aim is develop more dynamically-capable organisations where people know, learn, adapt and innovate. It’s a big aim. So, we want to catch people doing things well. We want to celebrate and share what’s working in practice. We also want to look forward and push the boundaries of leading-edge practice.

Our flagship 20th Annual Conference provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate and to look ahead.

Benefits of attending:

  • absorb valuable learning from leading-edge practice and innovative thought leaders
  • be first to hear about new Henley Forum research, and leave with some practical tools
  • make new connections, and strengthen existing ones
  • create actionable insights to re-energise your work.

Conference speakers

  • Professor Edward Truch - The Henley Forum: Reflections on the Future
  • Dr Cara Antoine - THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Make it Personal: Discover the 5 Themes of Human Collaboration in the Workplace
  • Sue Ells - PRACTICE LEADERSHIP: Collaborative leadership - the why and the how
  • Dr Susann Gjerde - PRACTICE LEADERSHIP: Rethinking leadership development in the face of unremitting change
  • Dr Sharon Varney - RESEARCH INSIGHTS: Tools for building change-ready teams
  • Dr Ann Parkinson - RESEARCH INSIGHTS: Shaping positive work experiences with the ‘Happy App’

Keynote speakers

Henley Forum 2020 Awards:

Join our shortlisted Henley Forum 2020 Award Winners and members of our expert judging panels:

  • WORKSHOP: Advancing Knowledge & Organisational Practice
  • WORKSHOP: Advancing Change & Organisational Development Practice
  • Professor Eddie Obeng - HENLEY FORUM 2020 AWARDS PRESENTATION

And more...

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Our conference is always popular, so BOOK NOW to reserve your place. Our conference participants come from a range of sectors and functions, stimulating new thinking and offering excellent opportunities for networking.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we’re offering Henley Forum organisational members THREE full places as part of your package

* Special 20th Anniversary Henley Loyalty rate applies to former Henley Forum Members, entrants to Henley Forum 2020 Awards, members of The Henley Partnership & other Henley Centres, individuals currently on an HBS programme

You can Book online with a credit or debit card. Or complete and return your Registration Form to


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