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Henley Forum meeting: Accelerating innovation


Ideation and innovation help fuel an organisation’s dynamic capability. At the fourth event in our 2018/19 programme, we will explore the key theme of Accelerating innovation to help you develop new, actionable insights on this topic. Our focus is firmly on generating and applying knowledge to accelerate innovation across organisations.

We will share ideas, experiences and tools through a range of speaker and workshop sessions. Helping you to enhance performance and unlock potential in your own organisations.

We’ve planned a practical day, packed full of good things, including our Innovation Hackathon. Click here for more information and draft Agenda. We hope you’ll join us.

In brief:

Henley Forum’s Director, Dr Sharon Varney, will be your host for the day and will help you to warm up your thinking on this important topic. She will also introduce the Henley Forum Listening Project and explain how you can get involved.

Take part in our Innovation Hackathon hosted by Annette Hexelschneider from wissendenken [knowledge thinking] and Chris Collison from Knowledgeable Ltd. The topic chosen by Henley Forum members is: ‘How to get management buy-in and funding to encourage and make it easy for colleagues to share tacit (implicit) knowledge?’ You’ll have the opportunity to develop new insights around this question and to learn how the Hackathon process can be used to accelerate innovation. We’ll explain all on the day. No coding required!

Nancy Kinder, from Connect and Share Consulting will be exploring how we can enhance ideation to innovate faster, stronger and better together.

In November – or should we say Knowvember? - our popular Members’ Showcase session will be led by Darryl Wing, Director, Knowledge Management, Fluor Limited. The annual Knowvember campaign at Fluor began in 2002. Darryl will be sharing some of his experiences of embedding storytelling and keeping it fresh.

Volunteers will be invited to have a conversation about the qualities and skills needed for knowledgeable practice in the next 10 years, as part of the Henley Forum Listening Project. We’re hoping for some particularly innovative ideas from this event!

Book your places NOW:

Henley Forum members can book places for this event through Marina Hart. If you are not a member, please contact Marina to find out more about this event and learn how membership can help your organisation.

Comments from some of our previous Henley Forum meetings:

  • “I found the entire day extremely informative – lots of new thinking and ideas”
  • “Very valuable, especially the room for discussion”
  • “Really good to get a cross-sector group together and to appreciate the different approaches and styles to knowledge and learning”
  • “The different backgrounds of the participants has set a rich environment for learning”
  • “A great mix of different, yet complementary subjects”
  • “Provoked deeper thinking”
  • “Given me lots of ideas to take back to my organisation”
  • “Another stimulating event – thank you!”
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Event information
Date 28th November 2018
Time 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus
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