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IDEAFEST Final 2020

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Event information
Date 28 April 2020
Time 13:00-16:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)

The winner of IDEAFEST will be awarded a cash prize of £1,000 to spend on developing their business idea, with additional cash prizes for second and third places and an additional cash prize of another £1,000 for the best innovative idea. On top of this, there is a special China bursary open to full time MBA students for the best idea capable of being commercialised in China. This bursary is sponsored by Savio Kwan, the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Alibaba.

The IDEAFEST Final will be held on 29 April 2020 - due to the issues caused by the coronavirus the event will be held online through Microsoft Teams. At 2:00pm on the day of the IDEAFEST Final click here to be a part of the audience and experience what goes into an award winning business idea presentation!

The finalists have now been announced, with five being selected to present on the day. They are as follows:

Bandmates is a website for both musicians and music enthusiasts. It helps musicians find a band and vice versa. One of the key features of Bandmates consists of having customisable profiles for a musician and a band. Bandmates aims to help artists create together and then share it with others. Everyone can access the website and discover, based on your preferences, new independent artists near you and support them by being aware of their activity and news. Bandmates is made to help new talents grow and be known. View their video here.

Duke Media is a medium-budget, full-service, video production company specialising in event videography and product/service promotion. Duke Media offers services such as event coverage, motion graphics, time-lapse production, social-orientated mobile-friendly video content, and much more. Their video can be viewed here.

INAP (International Accommodation Personalised) is a reliable source of accommodation information website, serving international students and accommodation owners. Research has shown that international students experience difficulties finding acommodations online. INAP aims to resolve such difficulties by connecting students to accommodation owners that best fit their requirements. Their application video can be watched here.

Smiling Buddah is a consumer business which aims to reduce single use plastic consumption worlwide. It sources and supplies environmentally friendly alternatives to existing consumer products, educating and investing in a more sustainable future. Smiling Buddah’s products include high quality, yet affordable bamboo toothbrushes and masterclasses on recycling and sustainability. Its products accessible to all age groups and education aimed at underprivileged communities, and anyone else who wants to be more sustainable. Watch their application video here.

TLK Music is a virtual music manager that aims to address the chronic mental health issues that exist in the music industry by providing mental wellbeing advice, an artist development program and automated marketing services via an AI messenger chatbot. Watch their video here.

To find out more about IDEAFEST, check our website here.