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IRC Seminar, presented by Christoph Burtscher: "Towards a Conceptual Framework of Digital Transformation Capability: A Review of Current Thinking and Research Opportunities"

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Event information
Date 23 February 2022
Time 15:00-16:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price Free
Venue Online
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Webinars Seminars


Digital transformation, and especially the capabilities for transforming organisations triggered by digital technologies, is a phenomenon adopted broadly and research has recently grown considerably. Despite the increased interest, the field of digital transformation capabilities is fragmented in definitions and concepts, and limited efforts have been made to integrate existing findings to explain the phenomenon of digital transformation capabilities with a holistic integrative framework. The presented research is in progress and presents the initial findings of the two phased literature review. The research question of “How do which capabilities enable organisations to deliver digital transformations in a digital context successfully?” is explored with an integrative literature review utilising configuring synthesis with interpretive conceptual analysis. The existing research in digital transformation capabilities is not yet addressing the integration of definitions, is of limited scope and depth within capabilities, and limited empirical research in the field of study is evident. The research presents an initial multi-dimensional digital transformation capability framework depicting the contingencies, digital transformation capabilities, and outcomes of digital transformation. The Digital Transformation definition is enhanced with 5-S model of Digital Transformation covering source, scale, scope, speed, and spell. Various future research areas in the field of digital transformation capabilities are proposed covering unifying definition and develop a holistic integrative framework of digital transformation capabilities founded in empirical observations.

Duration: 45 minutes, 15 minutes Q&A.

Christoph B

Short Bio on Speaker:

Christoph Burtscher is a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School (Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting department ). Christoph’s lecturing and research focus is on business design, digital transformation, corporate and IT governance, big data and enterprise architecture. Of particular interest are the capabilities required to deliver digital transformations successfully. He also supervises doctorate students at University of Reading in various fields. In addition to his lecturing and supervision activities, Christoph is currently Transformation Director at Jane's Group delivering a digital transformation to a technology enabled and data driven intelligence company. Christoph has led large-scale transformations and managed IT and Finance departments in various organisations. In parallel, Christoph is studying part-time for his PhD at University of Innsbruck, Austria in Digital Transformation capabilities.