Webinar - Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

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Date of event: 5 March 2019
Event ends: 5 March 2019
Start time: 12:30
End time: 13:30
Price: Free
Webinar - Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Join us on 5 March between 12.30 and 13.30 GMT for the 'Leadership in Times of Uncertainty' webinar with Dr Jean-Anne Stewart

If you glance through any newspaper, watch television or engage in social media, you are overwhelmed by almost daily examples of failed and poor leadership, spanning all global regions and sectors, from banking, finance, retail, health, local and national government, and many others.

Ironically this has coincided with the exponential growth of the leadership development industry during the past thirty years, with about $16 billion spent annually in the US alone on possibly ‘dubious leadership development’, according to Professor Barbara Kellerman of Harvard Business School. A recent Deloitte study (2016) reported 89% executives stated that improving leadership was one of their top priorities, and yet we still seem to be so far from being able to deliver leadership development programmes that effectively develop leadership practice in a VUCA world.

This webinar will discuss some of these leadership challenges and reports on latest encouraging research into leadership development at Henley Business School.

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