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Lunchtime Seminar- 'A complex issue: Unravelling sustainable strands of work'

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Date 27 April 2022
Time 13:00-14:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price Free
Venue Online
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You are cordially invited to attend an IBS lunchtime research seminar by Dr David Brannon, Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at HotelSchool The Hague. Please join us in Room 108, Henley Business School for a cinematic experience with lunch, or join via the Teams link in your email invite (if you have not had this please email Ellie Biggs).

Please note: Lunch and refreshments will be provided in Room 108, however the presentation is to be presented online.

Please make sure you let me know in advance if you intend to attend in person so that the correct amount of catering is booked.

Date: Wednesday 27th April 2022

Time: 13.00-14.00pm

Title: 'A complex issue: Unravelling sustainable strands of work'

Presenter: Dr David Brannon


Sustainability has quickly become the 21st century buzzword for both academics and practitioners, not least with launching the UN SDGs. Accordingly, this has spurred on several emerging research lines, including sustainable careers, sustainable employability, sustainable HRM and sustainable talent management. Although growing work-related criticisms require attention; it has often been left without a guiding research agenda. Indeed, this has resulted in a confused theoretical landscape with interchangeable definitions, operationalizations and explanations. Notably despite their divergent literary foundations, sustainability itself has seemingly manifested itself as a universally agreed term lacking a precise meaning. This paper delineates between these four literary streams, demonstrating simultaneously their distinct contributions as well as implicit interactions. We identify sustainability as both individual and organizational agency within an ecology to be explored through a complexity lens. Through this framework we identify their tensions while delineating between their respective prisms to provide an integrated research agenda.