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Marketing & Reputation Research Seminar - Career Ecosystem Theory: A foundation for sustainable careers

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Event information
Date 19 September 2018
Time 12:00-13:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus

Career Ecosystem Theory: A foundation for sustainable careers

The presentation offers a novel theoretical lens – an ecosystem theory of careers – whereby new forms of institutional work arrangements emerge in response to changes in the environment.

Careers and career management have changed significantly in the past generation, and labour markets have become more dynamic, with an overriding demand for flexibility due to the needs and requirements of both organisations and individuals.

This means that the psychological contract, which is the bedrock of work relations, has changed too - the “new normal” is characterised by posts carrying varied obligations and expectations that come in varying work configurations.

Professor Yehuda Baruch

Professor of Management, Research Director
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton

Professor Yehuda Baruch is the Professor of Management at Southampton Business School, with research focus on Careers, Human Resource Management and Organisational Studies, combining strong academic competence and practical experience of managerial work.

Professor Baruch's academic experience includes research in the areas of careers, international and strategic HRM, impact of MBA, and organisational culture. He has over 250 publications, of which more than 140 are refereed journal papers, and is the Associate Editor of Human Resource Management (formerly Editor of Group & Organization Management) and Chair of the Careers Division of the Academy of Management.

For more information and to register, please contact Angie Clark.

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