Meditation Techniques for Improved Performance

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Date of event: 20 February 2019
Event ends: 20 February 2019
Start time: 14:30
End time: 15:30
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Meditation Techniques for Improved Performance

Do you struggle to focus, suffer from low energy levels or not get enough sleep? Experience how meditation can help you succeed and enjoy greater wellbeing.

Modern life and its myriad of distractions are causing us to un-learn our innate ability to be still. We’re de-skilling and losing the power of our naturally mindful minds. Many of us spend too much time in fight-or-flight mode, and not enough in relaxation mode.

One way to access this kind of mood state is with simple breathing exercises. Meditation is about focusing your mind to improve awareness and get a healthy sense of perspective by observing your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Regular practise stimulates neuronal activity, aids sleep quality and concentration as well as lowers blood pressure.

It’s a skill that you need to practice so we have four sessions for you to attend this term:

  • 23 January
  • 6 February
  • 13 February
  • 20 February

Join us to find out how to make mediation part of a calmer, everyday life.

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Resilient You

Many employers look for resilience in their staff, as it enables recruits to cope with change, uncertainty and anxiety. Find out how to develop this essential quality during the return of this popular lunchtime series with a line-up of brand-new topics.

All Henley students are welcome to attend these sessions, which will help you to enhance your personal well-being and allow you to thrive when life becomes challenging.

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