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Time to Pay the Piper: The Consequences and Costs of Globalisation

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Event information
Date 20 June 2018
Time 17:00-20:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)

The evening offers a great opportunity to benefit from a faculty knowledge session with Professor Rajneesh Narula OBE, John H Dunning Chair of International Business, hear a business presentation from Jappreet Sethi, CEO and Founder, YoStartups and to meet Saleh Hussain, Chair of the Henley Business School Alumni Association, Middle East, and Dr Paola Tinti, Head of Fundraising, Henley Business School.

Join alumni and business contacts for an evening of socialising, learning, re-connecting and catching up on news from Henley Business School and to exchange ideas with staff and alumni.

Acting as a catalyst for forging and building corporate relationships in the region, this event provides an opportunity to inaugurate the alumni association, and to broaden connections beyond the alumni community.

Our community takes pride in their association with Henley Business School and we would like to recognise and celebrate this bond. Therefore, we encourage you to join us for this special evening and would like to give you the opportunity to bring a business contact or two who you think may also be interested to attend. If this is of interest, please register your guest when booking your place.

Faculty Knowledge Session: Time to Pay the Piper: The Consequences and Costs of Globalisation
Professor Rajneesh Narula OBE, John H Dunning Chair of International Business, Henley Business School

Session summary:

For some time now we have been reaping the benefits of globalisation, but we are not prepared to take responsibility for its consequences. Globalization is not an unstoppable force, and it is not a buffet where you can choose the benefits and ignore the costs. These costs are associated with imbalances within and between countries, and growing inequalities. Nation states and societies have reacted to these developments by seeking (unsuccessfully) to ‘reverse’ these negative effects, by creating barriers to the movement of people, goods and services, as we have seen in the actions of countries as diverse as China, Britain, Argentina, and the US. However, it will prove difficult to revert to a previous era without further destabilising their economies.

The Rise of #PropTech Globally
Jappreet Sethi, CEO & Founder, YoStartups

Session summary:

As fintech happened to the finance sector, the property sector is getting disrupted with technology, giving birth to the new buzzword #PropTech.

YoStartups has researched the investment trends in #PropTech segment for the last five years. Through this research, the real estate community will be able to look at investment data and patterns for proptech startups. This will help them in clearing myths and look at the data and make an objective analysis about the opportunities that it might offer in the region and beyond and how YoStartups and Henley Business School are looking at maximizing them for our community.

We look forward to seeing you there. Book your place now or contact the events team on with any queries.