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The Future is Bright with the Fluid Enterprise

Room: G15

The IRC and BCS Berkshire are co-organising this event.

We live in a hyper-connected world where IT Systems are constantly evolving. The only constant is change, with technological advances in Blockchain, AI and IoT coming from collaborative community environments – getting us all thinking of how future organisations will perform in such data-rich and decentralised environments. Yet we still have pitiful productivity growth and many IT skills gaps to overcome. If only we had a Purpose at the heart of our operating model; designed around it’s key drivers; dynamically re-configuring it’s teams and constantly optimising though it’s leaders – to focus on important decisions and urgent business needs. We need data enabling insight to a leadership modelled around it’s people so that we can make better decisions, quickly.

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Event information
Date 8th July 2018
Time 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus

The hyper-productive Fluid Enterprise is enabled primarily by 3 areas

  1. The World of Machines – it’s still about people, teams and trust
  2. People and Purpose – organisations that are People and Customer centric must become Masters of Data if they are to constantly evolve and manage their competitive advantage
  3. Risk and Reward – fluid enterprises will become people centric, insights led to deliver huge productivity, efficiency and effectiveness benefits, against known risks and acceptable failure profiles.

Fluid Enterprises must be designed around the core foci of the CEO; Growth, Risk, Insight, Cost and their teams. Everything else should support these goals.


On 9th July 2018, at Henley Business School, Reading, our business partner CultureWorksConsulting will unveil the future of dynamic digital environments. In association with Henley Business School and the BCS, please join Cuberoot64 and partners for an insight into how we can improve your business agility through relationships and the #FluidEnterprise.

Attendance is free with refreshments provided. To ensure your space, please register here:

Fluid Enterprise

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