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THP Webinar - Coping Through Tough Times

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Date 11 May 2023
Time 9:00-10:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Online
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We’re running this session because…

Times are tough. There is no denying that the impact on our mental health often tends to be understated. This session is all about raising awareness that these tough times are affecting our mental health, because we know that:

  • 60% of adults said their mental health has got worse and 29% of adults said their mental health has got much worse since March 2020
  • The impact on people’s mental health can be particularly severe if they resort to cutting back on essentials, such as heating and eating
  • 86% of respondents to a Money and Mental Health survey of nearly 5,500 people with experience of mental health problems said that their financial situation had made their mental health problems worse
  • One third reported experiencing emotional responses to their work, such as crying or feeling unwell, at least fortnightly


We’ve teamed up with Mind, the mental health charity for a learning session with Runa Uddin, Training and Consultancy Manager at Mind, as she shares her lived experiences of mental health problems and managing them. Runa will also reflect on:

  • stigma around mental health problems
  • the current picture
  • stress vs pressure and how stress affects us
  • useful tools for managing stress
  • taking care of your own mental health and wellbeing by using a tracking technique
  • wellness action plans
  • looking out for one another
  • using support services for signposting

There will also be an opportunity to run through any questions or additional support you need.

Who should attend?

This webinar is open to all employees of Henley Partnership members and is aimed at anybody who is interested in how these times are impacting our mental health and would like to know more about how stress plays a part in this. We will explore the first steps in taking better care of yourself whether you are ok or not. Struggling with poor mental health, diagnosed or otherwise, can be an isolating experience; this session is an opportunity to see that we don’t need to feel isolated anymore.

Please take care of yourself – sensitive content warning: Please be aware we will be discussing topics that could be upsetting for some. This will include the sharing of lived experiences of the tutor that some attendees could relate to. If at any point you feel affected by the themes discussed then please take care of yourself that might mean leaving the webinar for a few minutes or entirely.

Runa Uddin


Runa has been delivering in the mental health space in various roles for the last six years. She is currently working for Mind where she manages the Training and Consultancy team, a role that excites her as she is driven by her passion and values around empowering people to take ownership of their varying lived experiences of mental health and wellbeing as compassionately as possible.

Runa’s vision is to help people individually or as part of an organisation to understand how their mental health is intrinsically linked to their potential to become who they authentically are and contribute to their lives and the world meaningfully.

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