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Webinar: How does board diversity help its effectiveness? Board members’ perspective

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Date 5 June 2018
Time 11:30-12:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
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This Webinar was hosted by Rita Goyal, a fourth-year Doctoral Researcher, Marketing & Reputation, Henley Business School, online at 12:30 GMT until 13:30 GMT on Wednesday 6 June.

In this webinar, Rita discussed that despite an ever-increasing body of academic research on the role of board diversity in improving boards’ functioning and how companies are governed, the perspective of board members is seldom presented. Board members may have their own interpretation of the term ‘board diversity', as they have the experience of observing its impact or the lack of it. Thus, Rita showed how her research focused on presenting board members’ views on a) how board diversity ought to be defined; b) how it impacts boards’ ability to perform their roles. The findings of this research are based on elite-interviews with board members (Chairs, CEOs and Executive Directors) of top FTSE companies.

The full webinar can be viewed online here.