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Webinar - How to network your way into your new career - Henley Careers (For prospective Masters students & offer holders only)

On Thursday 30th April, join us for an hour online to find out about Henley Business School's Careers Team.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to learn about how to find out about jobs that aren’t advertised, ways to better understand the role you are applying for, and how to contact & build relationships with new people. It will be presented by Graham Philpott who is one of Henley’s career coaches. Our career coaches are here to help you to set your career goals, build a personalised action plan and develop your skills and confidence so that you reach those goals.

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Event information
Date 29th April 2020
Time 10:00am - 11:00am
Event types:
Postgraduate events & fairs

The webinar will cover the following:

- What networking is, and why it’s a vital part of your job search

- Ways to successfully build your network

- Real life examples of how it’s worked for others

- Show you that applying for advertised jobs is only one small part of successful job search

Following the webinar there will be a Q&A session where you can ask us any questions.

Please note that this webinar is aimed at Henley Business School's prospective Masters students, postgraduate applicants and offer holders. For specific careers resources please visit