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Webinar: Lessons for captains of industry from captains of aircraft

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Date 19 September 2018
Time 11:30-12:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
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This webinar was hosted by Jon Foster-Pedley, Dean and Director, Henley Business School, Africa, online at 12:30 GMT until 13:30 BST on Thursday 20 September.

In this webinar, Jon discussed how hard it is to create a winning business. Desire for profits and success, A-type competitiveness and stakeholder pressures can lead to short cuts, turning a blind eye to social consequences, collusion, and even active corruption and criminality. And it’s true that in corrupt environments, corrupt firms do better. But ultimately it’s terrible for society, it’s awful for economic growth and has desperate consequences for all our children. He showed how we can avoid these pitfalls and act as agents of change – in fact be corporate activists? Jon used the airline industry as a parallel, and discussed how the industry stopped captains of aircraft from crashing their planes by the introduction of human-centred behavioural tools, and how captains of industry can be stopped from crashing their firms by the use of these same tools and behaviours which we can all learn and practice.

The full webinar can be viewed online here.