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Future-ready patient services: Developing capacity and resilience in the healthcare workforce

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Few sectors have had to contend with the challenges faced by health services over recent years. The pandemic has left a lasting impact not only on the health of the nation but its health services too. Service demand and long-standing workforce challenges have been amplified.

Our latest report highlights the key issues at play that are damaging the effectiveness and longevity of the NHS workforce and identifies the best routes to strengthening service delivery and workforce resilience.

Staff retention and morale

NHS vacancy levels remain high. A prolonged funding squeeze, poor workforce planning and fragmented responsibilities are putting healthcare providers under immense pressure to deliver.

The report delves further into the data of the NHS Staff Survey, which highlights critical issues surrounding burnout and retention, including levels of staff sickness and those considering leaving the service.

Bolstering leadership and boosting resilience

Research spotlights the vital role played by leaders and managers in the NHS. However, as noted by Messenger and Pollard's recent review of NHS leadership, high-quality leadership is not embedded within health services across the board.

Integrated Care Systems

Despite a difficult context, these challenges are surmountable.

Through Henley’s work with NHS trusts, we have seen how the development of core leadership and management standards and accompanying training can make a significant difference. Such improvements benefit not only those working in the sector but patients too.

Reforms designed to improve the function of healthcare services, such as Integrated Care Systems, require new ways of working – and Henley is proud supporters of such innovation.

We have been working with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust for the past 6 years to develop a multidisciplinary and multi-professional, leadership development programme.

Chief Executive Steve McManus details the benefits of our work further in the report.

Supporting healthcare systems towards a robust future

Drawing on our high quality, relevant research and learning practices, we can help healthcare providers develop the capacity and resilience to be ready for the future.