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Consumer Services Report

Helping businesses shape the future: Building capacity and resilience in a changing landscape

Recent policy changes from the UK government place businesses at the forefront of driving national growth trends of 2.5% a year.

In the face of this critical task, customer-facing businesses across the country are addressing complex and varied challenges.

The post-pandemic, post-Brexit professional landscape presents a mixed landscape, which some economists are calling the ‘tightest labour market for 50 years’.

Organisations need to play a proactive role in reskilling and upskilling their workforces to boost productivity and address the skills gap.

As technological change heralds the advance of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, never before has this been more crucial.

UK labour market trends and challenges

Skills development priorities

With the rapidly changing nature of work increasing the UK’s demand for skills, particularly technology and interpersonal skills, organisations need to play a proactive role in reskilling and upskilling their workforce.

People management priorities

Effective HR and people management capabilities are essential within organisations to enhance their workforce’s skills and make best use of existing capabilities.

This includes enhancing positive employee experiences, diversity and equity in recruitment and progression and flexible working.

Helping businesses to shape a better future

We can help your organisation address their key strategy goals around recruitment, development, strategy and leadership development.

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Our latest report, focusing on the consumer services sector, aims to support businesses to make the most of their talent whilst boosting productivity.

Our report touches on:

  • Skills shortages
  • Skills development priorities
  • People management priorities