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Dr Claudia Murray at the UN Climate Summit

Dr claudia murray at the un climate summit 3 3 Claudia Murray

Dr Claudia Murray, Research Fellow in REP, is presenting at the United Nations Climate Summit in Lima, Peru. Claudia will be presenting case studies from rural Argentina to the urban megacities of Sao Paulo and Bogota, and raising issues such as what climate change means for local communities also dealing with poverty and overcrowding, and how regional politics affects decision-making.

Kathy Maskell, from the University's Walker Institute, said: "This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the University to build its international reputation in climate science and to engage with policymakers and business...This is where international climate policy decision-making happens - even if the pace is sometimes excruciatingly slow. Attending the event means the University of Reading, which leads the world in climate science, also has eyes and ears at the top table of climate diplomacy."

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Dr Claudia Murray

Research Fellow
Published 4 December 2014
Department news