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REP staff publish new research on Latin America

Real estate planning staff published new research on latin america 3 3 Downtown Bogota Colombia

REP academics Dr Claudia Murray and Professor David Clapham have published new research on housing policies in the four Latin American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Their work in published in the International Journal of Housing Policy and can be accessed at the Housing Policies in Latin America.

The aim of their paper is to examine the differences and similarities in housing policies in the four Latin American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. The paper uses the welfare regime approach, modified by a recognition of path dependence, to identify a number of phases that each country has passed through. However, attention is drawn to the substantial differences in the circumstances in each country and the extent and duration of the different phases. It is concluded that it can be beneficial to use the concept of a Latin American housing regime, but that this general picture has to be used with an understanding of the path dependence caused by the particular context in the individual countries.

Claudia Murray

Research Fellow of Urban Development
Published 7 March 2016
Department news

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