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Are you a passenger?

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<>Are you a passenger?

We help people fulfil their potential to become confident and capable leaders.

But for those times when you’re not in the driving seat, let us take you on a journey outside the boardroom and into The Unexpected World of Business.

<>Many happy returns

Connect with contacts, refresh your learning, or simply socialise with classmates.

Tap into an international community of business professionals by joining our alumni network.

<>Putting the I in ROI

We empower people with the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

Our programmes are enriched by our research and commercial experience, and taught by experts offering leading insights into the changing world around us.

In his opinion piece, Mark Swain, Director of Partnerships, considers how the 5 different types of intelligence can help leaders bring out the I in ROI and deliver the most value.

<>Join the see suite

Network. Collaborate. Progress.

Continue your professional development with us as we coach and enhance successful leaders and managers.

<>Hi, achiever

Are you looking for an engaging, focused and distinctive learning experience?

Come and join a triple accredited and globally respected organisation where business comes to life.

Published 9 May 2018

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