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University Business Challenge: Henley Students again, shine on the national stage

Extra-curricular activities at Henley aren’t simply to provide students with the opportunity to socialise and have fun, (although that is a big part of it) but they also build and develop skills in students that will enable them to shine.

During the autumn term, Henley entered three teams to take part in the University Business Challenge. The UBC involves running a fictitious company through simulation, where in each round students must react to evolving market and business conditions. Henley teams enjoyed running through the rounds, with all three teams breezing through to the UK Semi-finals, which meant travelling to Bristol. One team of Henley students placed first and triumphantly attended the finals at IBM’s London HQ.

The sense of fun, mentioned at the outset, turned to nerves as an intensive day of trading took place. With Henley landing 6th spot, a sense of both achievement and disappointment may be some of the mixed emotions floating around the team. With every University in the country able to enter one or more teams, 6th spot is definitely considered a positive position!

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Published 4 May 2018

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