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2019 Huawei ICT Competition Global Final

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Figures in green: University of Readying HAINA development manager Ms Jin Jin, students Qi Li and Prince Kwame Senyo.

This is the 4th Huawei ICT competition, including both a Practice Competition and Innovation Competition. Since June 2018, more than 100,000 university students from over 1,600 higher educational institutions in 61 countries have attended the competition. After several rounds of intensive competition, 49 teams from 30 countries attended the final competition.

The 4th Huawei ICT Competition global final successfully concluded

Mr. Yue Ma, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, gave a speech at the closing ceremony of the competition. He said “Over the past 30 years, Huawei made many efforts to train ICT talent by sharing the knowledge and best industrial practices. We team up with educational institutions, industry associations, and partners to build a platform to foster ICT talent. This allows us to make the most of our experience in ICT by investing in talent to cope with future challenges and uncertainties.”

Ma Yue, vice president of Huawei Enterprise BG, President of Huawei EBG Global Sales, President of Huawei EBG Partners & Alliances, gave a speech.

Henley Business School developed a strategic partnership with Huawei in 2015 and established University of Reading’s Huawei Authorised Information and Network Academy. Under the theme of “building ICT eco system”, UoR HAINA has continuously introduced a series of Huawei authorised ICT courses since 2015; and have received an honour of “The Best Performing HAINA in 2019”. In this final global competition, our students Qi Li and Prince Kwame Senyo represented Western Europe and won the third prize of the Practice Competition of the Cloud Track.

Representatives from University of Reading (from left to right): Qi Li, Prince Kwame Senyo, Ms Jin Jin, Prof. Kecheng Liu

As the founder of HAINA at UoR, Prof. Kecheng Liu delivered a speech at the award ceremony. He said “The 21st centaury is the key moment of digital transformation and it is important to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in order to boost the ICT education.”

Prof. Kecheng Liu delivered a speech at the final competition.

Huawei ICT contest is an annual regular ICT event for students from all over the world. In order to enrich students’ knowledge of ICT industry, improve their practical skills and innovation awareness, Huawei introduced ICT competition to further provide an international, competitive and communicative platform for Huawei ICT Academy and higher education students.

For students from any background and interested in joining the next year’s competition, please follow the HAINA official website and WeChat Platform in Chinese.

Published 6 June 2019