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A Personal View

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Charlie Scaplehorn


Relationship Manager

How did you come to be on the Developing Management Practice (DMP) programme?

‘After our HR Director completed a Masters at Henley, the company decided to invest in our talent pool. They ran a competition amongst senior managers for 6 places on the DMP programme. It was a pretty rigorous assessment, too, with personality tests, English and Maths papers. The final stage was a presentation to the senior management team on our ideas around the telecoms industry and taking the company forward.

‘I’d been in the same role for a couple of years, without any formal training and was encouraged to put myself forward by my line manager, who recognised that this might help me to develop my skillsets.

The prestige of having a Henley accreditation on my CV certainly added to the appeal.’

So what were your expectations of the programme and how did the reality differ?

‘I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I knew it would be a great location, with the best tutors and give me an opportunity to mix and learn from new people. But it became evident very soon that the programme would exceed my expectations in every way.

‘I was especially heartened by the support I got from the other participants and the tutors, all of whom seemed to genuinely want to support me to succeed. The other delegates came from such diverse backgrounds, and I learned so much from their perspectives and shared experiences. And the location didn’t disappoint, either; fantastic hospitality, and a rare chance to enjoy some headspace where I could get myself away from my day-to-day work routine.’

I knew it would be a great location, with the best tutors and give me an opportunity to mix and learn from new people.

What impact did the programme have?

‘It gave me some practical, tangible skills, particularly in terms of icebreakers and strategies for dealing with challenging situations, but the greatest change was in my own belief in myself. I definitely grew in strength and confidence, and found myself much more able to deal with people at all levels. Just going through the original assessment process and completing the programme has raised my personal profile within the company, and peoples’ perceptions of me have changed at every level.

‘The experience of mixing with directors on the programme definitely elevated my own sense of self, and as a result, I’ve now been promoted into a new role as a Relationship Manager, in which I’m utilising so much of what I learned and developed. I’m now much more able to see the bigger picture, too, and more inclined to challenge assumptions and situations I’d previously have accepted.’

So what advice would you give to anyone considering the DMP programme at Henley?FF

‘Take it with both hands! Aside from the kudos, the real benefits of having been through the Henley experience are amazing, so if you’re facing hurdles in your professional career or feeling as if you’re not progressing in the way – or at the speed – you’d want to, you should do it. I haven’t got a bad word to say about it.’

Published 27 September 2019

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