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A Student's View

BA Accounting & Business - The Flying Start Degree

Addy Umashankar

3rd Year

Addy, please tell us how you came to be on the Flying Start Degree Programme

‘I’m from Dubai, and didn’t have a chance to visit any business schools before I enrolled, so the information I got was mainly from the university fair held at my school, and from the websites and reviews I subsequently looked at.

‘Henley Business School was being promoted at the fair, and this course really caught my eye. So, I checked it out online, and thought that it looked and sounded great. On the strength of that, I enrolled!’

And did it live up to your expectations?

‘To be frank, this was my first time away from home, so I expected it to be both terrifying and gruelling, so when I found myself among friendly, helpful people on a beautiful, green campus, it was a very pleasant surprise, and much less stressful than I could have imagined! I really fell in love with the campus.

‘The students and lecturers were amazing – a real melting pot of cultures, but all such great people.’

Tell us about your placements

‘The programme includes two paid three-month placements at PwC in the second and third years, and a longer placement in Year 4. And provided you get at least a 2:1 and pass the interview, you’re likely to be offered a job at PwC after you graduate. I was working in their London office and living in the accommodation they provided, and that’s been a fantastic experience.

‘I’m applying my learning in a real workplace and finding out so much about my own capabilities, what I like and what I’m good at. It’s also a bit of a wake-up call when you realise the practical stresses and strains of being a working adult. The whole experience has made me better at multitasking, more focused, and I’ve been driven to achieve more.’

‘I’m applying my learning in a real workplace and finding out so much about my own capabilities’

What is it about Henley Business School that you’ve most enjoyed?

‘The facilities are great and campus life is very relaxed, even though the work becomes increasingly demanding as you go through the programme. The lecturers are so approachable, and that makes it a much easier journey, especially for an overseas student.’

And finally, what advice would you give to any student thinking of enrolling on the Flying Start Degree Programme?

‘It’s a very focused course, so you need to have a clear mindset and be prepared to work hard. But if you are, and accounting and business is your thing, this is a great programme.’

Published 24 September 2019

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