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Book Published on Neighbourhood Planning in Practice

Professor Gavin Parker, Kat Salter and Dr Matt Wargent have recently published a book entitled Neighbourhood Planning in Practice. Following research at the University of Reading on Neighbourhood Planning since 2011, and an event last year aimed at neighbourhood planning groups, this book examines the experience of neighbourhood planners. It analyses what communities have achieved, how they achieved it, and what went well or badly. Comparing Neighbourhood Planning with other forms of community planning, and highlighting the main lessons learned so far, it acts as a navigation tool for people already involved in neighbourhood planning, as well as those contemplating participation. It deals with the different stages and phases of Neighborhood Planning from preparation, to drafting, finalization and finally implementation. There is also a chapter on the challenges involved in Neighborhood Planning, as well as a useful chapter on opportunities for innovation which can add value to the current planning system.

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Published 21st March 2019