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Evidence-Based Practice Shows the Way Forward

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Delving deeper into the implementation of an effective strategy, Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for NHS Employers encouraged the delegates at the Corporate Regatta to define processes based on evidence – and it is more about probabilities and likelihoods than certainties.

Within the NHS, said Paul, there is a huge amount of data on the subject of diversity and inclusion, including that from the national staff survey which records the attitudes and opinions of almost 500,000 staff.

"We know that the data currently shows a mix of responses, but we’re seeing a gradual triangulation of the data, and more evidence of rising standards within the NHS and its partner base. We now have diversity leaders sitting on our boards, and our evidence-based approach is helping us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in our diversity and inclusion strategies, and whether it is actually making a positive difference."

Paul concluded with a spoof video from The Valuable 500 on being ‘divers-ish’, highlighting the excuses and narrow-mindedness of many employers.

Published 11 July 2019