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<>Feeling Ltd?
Henley graduate Hollings shares why studying a masters at Henley Business School opened her eyes to opportunities in the working world she hadn't previously considered.

Why did you choose Henley Business School?

One of the main reasons I chose Henley was because I wanted a university that could provide me with valuable insights into what my working environment would be after graduation and, help me develop my professional skills and network. Gaining this experience was very important to me because I knew I’d use these skills during job interviews, and it would show that I have both the academic and professional knowledge needed to be successful in whatever position I would be applying for.

Why do a post graduate degree?

Getting a post graduate degree was very important to me because I wanted to advance my career, I knew that a postgraduate degree could help further my skills and knowledge. Employers value that experience and often entrust postgraduate-qualified applicants with greater responsibilities. In fact, in some fields a postgraduate qualification is the only way into certain stages of a career, especially so in academia (PhD).In the private sector, postgraduate qualifications are equally valuable, an MBA, may advance your career in ways that nothing else can. Having a postgraduate qualification on your CV gives you a competitive advantage, which can assist you on salary negotiations and progressions within the company.

Has Henley Business School helped with your career or skills development?

Henley business school has definitely played a huge role in shaping my skills and preparing me for the real world. Henley has helped develop skills that will even support me through my daily life, such as time management, researching, presentation, writing skills, and team work. Depending on the field of expertise you’re studying, you could find yourself in small classes working closely with people from different backgrounds, allowing you to work within a team and also being able to consider different perspectives.

I am considering a post graduate degree, what advise do you have for me?

DO IT!!! A postgraduate degree at Henley is the perfect way to enhance your prospects, not only would you stand out from your competition in the job market, but it also shows that you had the time and commitment to learn and enhance skills. With a postgraduate qualification on my CV, I feel like securing a graduate job will be more likely. Henley Business School leaves you feeling confident that the time and money invested in your postgraduate education was worth it.

Hollings Izah, Henley MSc student

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Published 7 February 2019

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