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<>Get More People To Look Up To You

What kind of leader are you?

Research on emerging global companies suggests that high-performance organisations require leaders to create a vision that reaches beyond the bottom line. These values-driven leaders create a culture that optimises financial performance, ethical practice, social contribution and environmental impact. Values-driven leaders lead from a deep sense of purpose and commitment to values such as honesty, integrity, excellence, humility, trust and social and environmental responsibility.

As a business school, renowned for developing leaders, Henley is ideally placed to support the development of such leaders. Henley's core values are:

  • That the learner and their continued development is central to what we do
  • That character and integrity are as important as capability
  • That wealth creation is important for society as a whole not just for individuals
  • That building management and leadership capability builds both wealth and the welfare of society.

These values are reflected in its academics, programmes and the emphasis placed on developing the soft skills demanded by employers alongside the technical expertise that is increasingly taken as given.

For example, Dr Kleio Akrivou, Academic Director of Henley’s Master’s in Management, is typical of Henley’s values-led academic community. Her interest and expertise in ethical management and leadership for humanistic and environmentally responsible organisations ensures that graduates from her programme develop a wider perspective. They emerge with an ability to see the bigger picture, to strive to not just improve business but society itself. We sum this up in the phrase “where business comes to life” but come and test it for yourself.

Next steps

If you’re interested in an ethical and values-led approach to management, find out more about Henley’s MSc Management led by Dr Kleio Akrivou, which is an ideal conversion programme for future managers and business leaders who didn’t necessarily study business as their first degree subject.

For further reading, please see The Complete Leader by Dr David Pendleton, Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School, and for more information, take a look at our range of postgraduate programmes. You may also be interested in our next Postgraduate visit afternoon.

Published 1 February 2019

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