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Global Government Finance Summit 2019 - Reports Published

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The Global Government Forum have now published the full report, comprising five chapters - one for each of the event's main sessions:

The first part covered the presentation on the global economic outlook, and the challenges around rising inequality. The second part explored how governments can better track the impact of spending, and use that data to improve policies and services. The third part examined the role of finance departments in digital transformation. The fourth part focused on the challenge of weak productivity growth, examining its causes, consequences and cures. And the fifth part covered the need to take preventative action to protect people and public finances from environmental, social and economic disturbance.

Global Government Finance Summit 2019 attendees
(in alphabetical order by surname)


  • Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Leadership, Henley Business School

Civil servants:

  • Torsten Arnswald, Head of Fiscal Policy Division, Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin, Germany
  • Noureddine Bensouda, Treasurer General of the Kingdom, Ministry of Finance, Morocco
  • Rosa Aldea Busquets, Deputy Director General in DG Budget, and Accounting Officer, European Commission
  • Édouard Chrétien, Head of Domestic Economic Policy Unit, French Treasury, France
  • Miguel Castro Coelho, Chief Economist, Office of the Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance, Portugal
  • Michel Houdebine, Chief Economist, French Treasury, France
  • Carlos Martinez Mongay, Deputy Director General, DG ECFIN (Economic and Financial Affairs), European Commission
  • Han Neng Hsiu, Deputy Secretary (Development), Ministry of Finance, Singapore
  • Greg Orencsak, Deputy Minister , Ministry of Finance, Canada
  • Veiko Tali, Secretary General, Ministry of Finance, Estonia
  • Vladimir Tsibanov, Head of Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance, Russia
  • Robert Woods, Director, International Group, HM Treasury, United Kingdom

Knowledge partners:

  • Esther Baur, Head of Europe Director, Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re
  • Arnauld A. Bertrand, EY Global Government & Public Sector Advisory Leader, EY
  • Alessandro Cenderello, EY Global Client Service Partner for the EU Institutions, EY
  • Philippe Rambal, EY France Government & Public Sector Leader, EY
  • Veronica Scotti, Group Managing Director, Chairperson Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re

Global Government Forum:

  • Matt Ross, Editorial Director, Global Government Forum
  • Kevin Sorkin, Chief Executive, Global Government Forum
  • Sue Torka, Director, Global Government Forum

For more information, please contact Prof. Andrew Kakabadse.

Published 2 October 2019

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