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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

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2018 past in the blink of an eye. As the first Huawei ICT academy established in the UK and one of the most successful operated Huawei ICT academies, University of Reading HAINA has achieved great success in the past 2018. Today it’s the time to review the most exciting moments of UoR HAINA.

Since it was established in 2015, in order to promote the talent eco-network as proposed by Huawei, University of Reading HAINA has been striving to deliver the most advanced ICT related courses to university students and cultivate the multifunctional and applied talents. In the past 3 years, HAINA enriched the programme content and launched the courses of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence over the past two years and is going to introduce other popular ICT courses in the coming future. Owing to the well-structured content of the course, more than 50 students participated in our HCIA training courses and received the certificates authorised by Huawei in association with 100% exam passing rate. Apart from higher education training, HAINA also launched more than 20 supplier training courses and outreached more than 160 trainees. Through the training, HAINA has not only provided the cutting-edge ICT knowledge to the related companies, but also developed a more comprehensive ICT knowledge network between diverse parties.

With the goal to develop a strategic collaboration between higher education institutions and enterprises, HAINA in partnership with Tech Education (a major Huawei recognised training company) launched 2 master programmes in Henley Business School in September, 2017, namely MSc Information Management and MSc Business Technology Consulting. Both courses play an important role in cultivating ICT talents for the industry. Students, who pass the course, are granted a master’s degree accredited by University of Reading and receive professional industrial training with certification authorised by Huawei. Such a strategic movement not only enhances the collaboration base between enterprises and higher education institutions, but also provides the university students an opportunity to develop their ICT career path.

06/2018 Cloud Computing Insight

It is students’ and partners’ support that HAINA achieved such a fruitful success in 2018.

In 2018, UoR HAINA HAINA held more than 10 roadshows on the Whiteknights campus of UoR, through which students acquire the latest ICT industrial information. Furthermore, as the only official partner of Huawei ICT Skills Competition, HAINA assisted the Huawei ICT Skills competition final (West Europe) in April, 2018 and was invited to the UK World Skills Competition in Birmingham for acclaiming the upcoming Huawei ICT Competition in 2019.

02/2018 Campus Roadshow in University of Reading

04/2018 The Final Awards Ceremony of Huawei Europe ICT Competition was held in University of Reading

11/2018 UK World Skills Competition, Birmingham

Being the leading cooperation platform of disseminating ICT knowledge and skills to enterprises and higher education institutions in the UK, Reading’s HAINA further developed the partnership with Chinese universities in 2018 and introduced a series of programmes including summer camp, dedicated training on network information security and other important events. In August 2018, HAINA, in collaboration with Zhengzhou University, organised the World Youth Leadership Summer Camp with Henley Business School with the aim of promoting the cultural, academic and industrial communications between Chinese and British higher education institutions. As a part of the course in Henley Business School, a delegation of HAINA took part in the Conference on Overseas Chinese Contributing to the Development in Tianjin, China in August 2018.

08/2018 World Youth Leadership Summer Camp held with Zhengzhou University

09/2018 Leaders from a range of Chinese higher education institutions visited Henley Business School for participating the training of Network Security

In line with Huawei’s concept of “building the talent eco system”, UoR HAINA has been officially partnered with Huawei (UK & Ireland) in launching the summer placement programme since August 2018. The aim is to provide a real enterprise platform for successfully certified students to develop their competencies and enhancing their essential numeracy, communication as well as problem-resolving skills.

08/2018 Two students from BISA, Henley Business School, UoR and two postgraduates Weiyi Sun and Cikui Liang from Henley Business School, UoR

2018 has been a year full of achievements. In the upcoming 2019, UoR HAINA will continue to commit to the concept of ‘building talent eco system’, continue to foster multifunctional and applied talents and launch more course, keeps contributing to continuously advance the cooperative platforms of higher education institutions and enterprises.

The HAINA operational team want to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to all of you in terms of the support and positive feedbacks and we promise we will fulfil our commitment of building a comprehensive ICT knowledge network in the coming 2019!

Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy at University of Reading (abbreviated as UoR HAINA) is a cooperation ICT programme with Huawei. As the first Huawei ICT academy established in the UK, UoR HAINA strives to deliver the most advanced ICT related courses to university students and cultivate the multifunctional and applied talents for the industry. Apart from students, we also provide training to the local channels, with the aim to achieve a more comprehensive ICT training network. In connection with academic research and innovation, HAINA has been working on introducing the latest ICT related courses to the higher education institutions and further develop students’ competencies and applicational skills since 2015. It is with the support from both the university and participants that HAINA achieved the highest certificate authorizations in the past years. UoR HAINA has identified as one of the most successful Huawei ICT Academies worldwide. In addition, in order to fulfil the concept of ‘building the talent eco system’, UoR HAINA has been officially recongnised as a partner with Huawei Europe in launching the summer placement programme since August 2018.

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Published 20 May 2019