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Heads Together and Row: A quarter of the race to go!

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<>National Squirrel Appreciation Day

After a quiet few days weather-wise over the weekend, which made rowing slow and tough-going, the team said the forecast seemed to suggest they would enjoy the benefits of better winds during the first half of this week, and then stronger winds for the second half.

Toby also said the moon had been 'gloriously bright' in the lead up to the Super Moon, which makes night rowing far more enjoyable.

We couldn't let #NationalSquirrelAppreciationDay go by without showing some love for Rufus, the Henley squirrel and official mascot of the Heads Together and Row team (pictured below with Toby earlier in the race).

We hope he gets the day off today. The things he must have seen...


As of 1600 GMT on day 41, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 17 degrees 25.32 N, 051 degrees 12.78 W

Speed/Direction: 2.6 knots @ 273 degrees

Distance rowed: 2115 Nautical Miles (2433 Miles)

Distance to go: 605 Nautical Miles (696 Miles)

12th in Fours crews

16th overall

Henley Business School is working with Heads Together and Row on a research project looking at individual and team resilience. Click here to find out more.

Visit the Heads Together and Row website to find out how you can support the team and their charities.

Published 21 January 2019