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Heads Together and Row: Day 21

Heads Together Justin Coleman mtime20190101122744

It's day 21 of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and the team have now spent three weeks at sea.

One of our rowers, Justin, is a stand-up comedian by profession and understandably this experience has given him a lot of content for his next gig on dry land. As the official on-board entertainer, he has sent us some of his observations from the race so far:

  • Whales don't come when called. I have tried.
  • Atlantic sea birds are skilled aerialists but will still sometimes fly in to your VHF aerial.
  • When two crew mates try to talk to each other the one sat behind must always say 'WHAT?' the first time anything is said. This is not at all annoying.
  • The person who invented night time rowing needs to be put to death exceptionally slowly and painfully. It is horrible. If they also invented the sunrise they may die quickly.
  • Roughly speaking the more scared you are the quicker you are getting to Antigua. This is a dilemma.
  • A Sudocrem'd bottom is a happy bottom.

He has also sent us a poem which may have been inspired by the team's recent issues with the auto helm which meant the team had to undertake manual steering temporarily.

Steering - a poem by Justin Coleman, aged 53 and a half

I have steered by the sun

I have steered by flags

I have steered by the sun and the moon

I have steered by ISS

I have steered in the dark

But I still can’t navigate my way through the Highways Agency weekend road closure diversion route on the M6 at Knutsford.

We look forward to receiving more of Justin's insights as the race progresses.

As of 1200 GMT on day 21, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 19 degrees 40.66 N, 033 degrees 3.63 W

Speed/Direction: 1.5 knots @ 263 degrees

Distance rowed: 1061 Nautical Miles (1220.9 Miles)

Distance to go: 1640 Nautical Miles (1887.8 Miles)

13th in Fours crews

18th overall

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Published 1 January 2019