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Heads Together and Row: Day 47

Day 47 map mtime20190127161004

Don't read this out loud in case we jinx them, looks like Heads Together and Row could be in their final week at sea!

Today is day 47 of the race, and they now have just over 250 nautical miles left to go until they reach the finish line in Antigua.

In the last 24 hours they have rowed 58 nautical miles, with the trackers suggesting that if they can keep the pace up they would be looking at making landfall in around five or six days' time.

We know the weather at sea can be temperamental and the slightest change can make all the difference, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

If you have any messages of support to give them a boost during their last few days on the ocean, please do send them in via the team's Twitter and Facebook pages and we will pass on as many as we can.

As of 1600 GMT on day 47, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 17 degrees 15.08 N, 057 degrees 17.59 W

Speed/Direction: 2.7 knots @ 260 degrees

Distance rowed: 2467 Nautical Miles (2838 Miles)

Distance to go: 257 Nautical Miles (295 Miles)

12th in Fours crews

17th overall

Henley Business School is working with Heads Together and Row on a research project looking at individual and team resilience. Click here to find out more.

Visit the Heads Together and Row website to find out how you can support the team and their charities.

Published 27 January 2019