Heads Together and Row: Lessons from the Atlantic

11 January 2019

Heads Together and Row: Lessons from the Atlantic

Tomorrow will officially mark one month since Heads Together and Row set off from La Gomera.

Since then, they’ve travelled more than 1,500 miles, battled seasickness, tricky weather conditions, hallucinations, technical issues and many of the other challenges which come with rowing across an ocean.

Along the way they’ll have learned some valuable lessons about themselves and life at sea - some of which are summarised below by crew member and stand-up comedian Justin.

Day 6 Justin Ali

Lessons from life on the Atlantic

Using someone else’s shorts as a sun hat is not big or clever. It just means you are a very silly boy who left his own hat in the cabin.

Dolphins think they are smart because they sleep with one eye open. I can row with both eyes closed. So who’s the real winner?

A toothbrush makes a very acceptable spoon substitute. And enables you to eat and clean your teeth at the same time.

The amount of sleep required is inversely proportional to the amount of time available.

Clown fish are cool. Barnacles are freeloaders. And clingy too.

Chocolate chip dessert is possibly the greatest pudding known to human kind and requires no previous culinary experience.

Ask Heads Together and Row

If you have a question for the team about their journey so far, please do send it over to us by Sunday (13 January) and we’ll put it to the team next week - more details on how can be found here. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a question so far!

As of 1600 GMT on day 31, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 18 degrees 13.88 N, 041 degrees 39.33 W

Speed/Direction: 2.2 knots @ 264 degrees

Distance rowed: 1563 Nautical Miles (1726 Miles)

Distance to go: 1152 Nautical Miles (1395 Miles)

12th in Fours crews

15th overall

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