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Heads Together and Row: The Atlantic equivalent of the Scottish Play

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<>How to fix a boat using a hacksaw, a selfie stick and a marker pen <>The Atlantic equivalent of the Scottish Play​ <>Keep calm and carry on...

If the idea of Heads Together and Row deliberately drilling a hole into the side of their boat has put you on edge a little, Ali has sent us the perfect photo for calming your nerves.

Here is their 'office view' on New Year's Day.


As of 1600 GMT on day 22, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 19 degrees 36.03 N, 033 degrees 41.17 W

Speed/Direction: 1.3 knots @ 250 degrees

Distance rowed: 1097 Nautical Miles (1262 Miles)

Distance to go: 1605 Nautical Miles (1847 Miles)

12th in Fours crews

17th overall

Henley Business School is working with Heads Together and Row on a research project looking at individual and team resilience. Click here to find out more.

Published 2 January 2019