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AI and the Future of the Workplace

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Professor Keiichi Nakata (Head of BISA, Henley Business School) & Joan Fennelly (Director of Higher Education, Oracle UK & Ireland and Henley MBA, 2004) introduced the evening, with Joan noting that the partnership with Henley is “not just a partnership on paper, but a tangible one that benefits both communities.”

Dr Martin Millmore (VP of Technology, Adaptive Intelligent Applications, Oracle) then gave the lecture on “AI and the Future of the Workplace” to a rapt audience. Leading us through the history of the industrial revolutions leading up to the rise of AI, Martin highlighted both the positives and negatives of sweeping changes. For example, whilst more efficient processes enabled by the digital revolution have led to increased productivity, this has also brought about health implications as a result of a more sedentary work life.


Martin highlighted the impact of AI on nearly every industry, including transport, healthcare, education, law and the media. An AI’s ability to make unbiased decisions was shown to be a major positive for HR, whereby hiring & pay decisions can be made purely on merit and fairness. AI’s limitations were also clearly illustrated, with Martin telling us that AI isn’t magic.

“AI can’t make astounding leaps. But it can do what a human can do; much faster and more thoroughly. Essentially, if you can’t do a task, an AI can’t either.”

After this, six recent graduates (including one from Henley Business School, and another from The University of Reading) gave their feedback and advice from their time on the Oracle Internship Scheme.

Finally, to close the evening before a round of networking over pizza and refreshments, Kerry Johnston (Head of Product Design & Programme Delivery, Henley Business School) introduced the first ever Henley Business School-wide mentoring programme. Oracle, as part of their Corporate Patronage, have offered over 70 mentors from their current staff to support students from any programme at Henley Business School. This mentoring programme will also feature mentors from our other Corporate Patrons, as well as alumni and wider industry supporters. To find out more, register for Henley Live today and sign up on the Mentoring tab.

If you would like to know more about the partnership Henley Business School has with Oracle, read the report recently compiled by Ovum here.

Published 15 November 2019
Henley news AI and automation

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