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Keynote speakers at DBA Symposium

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Dr Claire Collins and Professor Jane McKenzie from Henley Business School were keynote speakers at the 2019 DBA Symposium: the DBA Journey.

They presented some early insights from their research on ‘The Journey from Expert Practitioner to Engaged Scholar’ at the event, run in collaboration between the British Academy of Management (BAM) and the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) and held at Birmingham City Business School.

Funded by a small grant from the BAM, the research has been following a group of mature managers during the first year of their DBA. It aims to understand the milestones that mark the highs and lows in their transition experience from the world of business to the new norms, priorities and expectations of academic research.

Once completed, it is hoped the research will help future programme members prepare for the journey, help supervisors and academic mentors provide support and help programme designers refine the format and phasing of learning.

Dr Liang Han, Director of Henley DBA, commented:

“This is another showcase of our successful Henley DBA at a major international DBA event which was well attended by DBA students and more than 30 DBA directors from the UK, France and Canada.”

Published 23 May 2019
Henley news

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