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Students Gather for Entrepreneurship Society's '12 Important Steps for Starting a Business' Event

Entrepreneurship Society Event Photo 23 October 2019 mtime20191029112911

The event was opened by Julia Kala, President of the Entrepreneurship Society and founder of BrightFuture, who welcomed the attendees and introduced HCfE Executive Director Jurek Sikorski to be the first speaker. In his talk Jurek highlighted 12 aspects which everyone needs to consider when starting their own business in order to be successful and a chaired panel with three local entrepreneurs. The panel consisted of Tim Brownstone (founder and CEO of KYMIRA), Charity Nichols (founder and owner of Green Pioneer/Green Tulip) and Thomas Cropper (founder of Tuk In Foods).

The panellists each shared their personal story of how they started a business, what they had achieved so far, what challenges they faced and the tips and advice they had for entrepreneurs that were just beginning their journey. The panel then answered questions from students in the audience, which stoked up conversations that continued into a networking session, where students had the chance to practice their networking and make connections over pizza and drinks.

Here are some of the positive comments students made after the event:

Naomie Sabbeh, BA Management and Business student: "It was an amazing opportunity where I learned the keys to start a business. Meeting entrepreneurs that were able to give us tips and their personal experience in different industries was very fulfilling."

Zakariyya Ahmed, BSc Accounting and Finance student: "The event was an invaluable experience that showcased some inspiring start-ups and the lessons that can be drawn from the process. I was also able to get the insights and answers after speaking to the panellists during the networking session."

Published 29 October 2019