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The Manifesto for Coaching Supervision

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At the core of continuing professional development (CPD) is continuing personal development, where our own development is weaved through every aspect of our practice. When this happens, every coachee becomes a teacher, every piece of feedback an opportunity for new learning, for producing practices that support the balanced cycle of action, reflection, new understanding and new practice.

The authors of this manifesto believe that having supervision is a fundamental part of continuing personal and professional development for coaches, mentors, consultants and psychologists. It provides a disciplined space in which the supervisee can reflect on particular work and client situations and relationships, and on the reactivity and patterns they evoke in the mind. The process of transforming these in supervision can profoundly benefit the client, their organisation and their own professional practice.

Professor Jonathan Passmore

Professor of Coaching and Behavioural Change

Professor Peter Hawkins

Professor of Leadership
Published 17 May 2019
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