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The Quiet Leader

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Do you have to be outgoing and extroverted to be an inspirational and effective leadership? Dr Claire Collins joins Mark Swain to discuss how her research argues (without shouting) against this misbelief.

Published 30 April 2019
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Dr Irina Heim presents new research on policy in oil and gas regions at conference

1 July 2022
Dr Irina Heim, a member of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies (CEAS), has published an article titled 'Environmental and Socio-Economic Policies in Oil and Gas Regions: Triple Bottom Line Approach'.
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Civic Societies and the Planning Process

8 February 2022
Dr Christopher Maidment and Professor Angelique Chettiparamb from the Department of Real Estate and Planning have produced a report exploring the role of local civic societies in the English planning system.
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Coaching and Ethics

21 February 2019
Henley Business School's Centre for Coaching is actively engaged in a series of research studies connected to Coaching Ethics.
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