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This is Promotional Material. Are you?

<>This is Promotional Material. Are you?
Wadzi shares her experience on how a Master's at Henley helped her career go from strength to strength.

My story is slightly unconventional in that I wasn’t expecting to start my Masters so soon after my undergraduate, but life has a funny way of throwing a spanner in the works. After struggling to achieve my desired grade, I found it hard to stand out with an undergraduate degree alone and secure promising opportunities. So I decided to take a leap of faith and bring my postgraduate plans forward. Henley Business School must have seen potential that some employers hadn’t and brought me onboard. Little did I know this would hugely change the course of my life (slightly dramatic but also very true).

Prior to my Masters, I was so adamant on becoming an auditor; it seemed like my one true calling given my BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Bath. However, as soon as I embarked on my MSc Accounting and International Management journey at Henley, that changed completely. My tunnel vision expanded and I began to appreciate just how better positioned I would be in the job market with this additional degree under my belt.

My second leap of faith came when I decided to enroll onto the Enterprise Systems module (run by the Business Informatics department). I was so used to playing it safe and choosing modules that directly aligned with my degree title that this opportunity offered by Henley to be bold and branch out excited me - so I took it! Here I was, an Accounting and Finance graduate rubbing shoulders with Informatics, Business Technology and Data Analytics students.

Despite feeling like a fish out of water at first, I quickly familiarized myself with the course and found myself comfortable enough to apply to Technology-based roles. Fast forward 7 months and I was offered a job within the Technology Risk Assurance team in London at the global professional services firm, BDO. I love my job and it always amazes me that I never would have considered it had I not chosen that Enterprise Systems module at Henley. Yes, on paper I left Henley with a brilliant degree and honorable accolades. But it’s the change in mindset and newfound bravery to dip my toes outside of my comfort zone that will stay with me and see me go from strength to strength in my career. I might even make it up to Partner one day, who knows!

Wadzi, Henley MSc Alumni

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Published 4 February 2019