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If you’re looking for adventure, then Henley is the place to be. We support all of our explorers, right from Undergraduate all the way through to our senior leaders. Every single one of our students is here to be part of the Henley experience no matter their age, experience or background – everyone is here to learn, develop and grow at a place where the learner community and their development is at the heart of everything. Sound good? Then read on…

Learning is a lifelong process. A self-directed journey of discovery, where the journey is as important as the destination. For many, the purpose is not merely to arrive on time but for the journey to never end.

It is with good reason then, that the single word “Train” was chosen to stand proudly in yellow on a crisp, blue poster at a railway station. For some, it will invoke mundane ideas of business training but for other, more adventurous souls, it will hopefully give pause to consider where they are on that learning journey, where it might take them and what adventures might be awaiting along the way.

One of the principles many take away from Henley is the idea of taking your eyes off the prize - to allow yourself to enjoy the journey and to take the maximum from it. Perhaps that’s why having reached the first stop on what we hope is a lifelong journey, a Henley graduate is easy to recognise - distinguished by a group of characteristics we refer to as the Five Cs.

Curious – They’re curious, continuously exploring new possibilities and applying this thirst for knowledge to achievement of personal and organisational success.

Context – They recognise the need for context in leadership and understand the subtle instinctive changes in approach required at different situations.

Confidence – They have the confidence that comes from self-awareness, knowledge, reflection and applied intellect- so they feel empowered to make brave decisions.

Choice – When they make a choice, they consider the obligations to society and the business’ future, as much as the short-term financial gain.

Community – They’re conscious of the need for community. They network and make a conscious effort to develop their peers as well as themselves.

If this sounds like the type of person you’d like to be; the kind of people you would enjoy studying among; or a business school community that you want to be part of, then we would love to hear from you.

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Published 1 February 2019

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