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Ukrainian IDEAFEST Entrants 'New Vision' Selected as Finalists for the Big Idea Challenge Competition

Ukraine Creative Spark Photo mtime20190709171700

The Big Idea Challenge is the international competition led by the British Council to improve awareness and skills in entrepreneurship for participants and the team at the final consists of Andrii Sych, Oleksandr Tsypliak and Vladyslava Kotiash, all students at the Kyiv National Economic University. They came second in the Ukraine IDEAFEST Competition 2019 for their entry called 'New Vision', a business idea for portable skiascopic rulers designed to reduce eye strain which is coupled with a free mobile app.

Dr Iryna Rukhlyadina, an ophthalmologist, commented, "The classic skiascopic ruler, which is used by ophthalmologists around the world, is not designed for training with it in the workplace. It is quite a heavy and uncomfortable device. Our students have developed such a small skiascopic ruler so that the people who use their gadgets at a short distance can take care of their eyesight."

To support the New Vision team in the Big Idea Challenge Final, you can place your vote by going to the Creative Spark website here and clicking 'Vote for the Project'. Voting closes on 14 July 2019. To watch a video of the New Vision team's product, click here.

Published 9 July 2019